Multi Trumps

This four year old gelding is well-bred.

He is an athletic type and has a super jump; very quick with his movements, straight and correct.

He will make a top eventing or showjumping horse.

Clear veterinary cert and full set of clean x-rays; no voices or stable habits.

Amateur ride, strictly honest.

Multi Trumps qualified for the Final of the three year old “Young Irelander” which will was held during the Millstreet International Horse Show CSI*** in August 2014

This horse is entered to compete at the Millstreet International Show from August 11th to August 16th 2015



Breeding Information:

Contador Sire: Cassini I Sire:  Capitol I Sire: Capitano

Dam: Folia

Dam: Wisma Sire: Caletto II

Dam: Prisma

Dam: Fontane Sire: Landgraf I Sire: Ladykiller XX

Dam: Warthburg

Artane Sire: Romino
Miss Golden Hills  Sire: Golden Trump Sire: Diamonds Are Trumps Louella Inschallah III

Dam: Floral Park

Dam: Silver Hills Sire: Clover Hill

Dam: Jalna

Dam:  Brown Judy Sire: Try My Saldy Sire: Try My Best

Dam: Alpine Dance (USA)

Dam: Merry Fidelma




 Competing at the Millstreet International 2015, 4year old Eventing Discovery class



 Multi Trumps in action: