Barnawee Mystic

Thomastown RC Crosscountry 18-5-14 147Barnawee Mystic, has had a very short career to date. He was broken as a 5 year old. He competed in a single 1 day event in 2013 and has competed in 3 one day events in 2014, Clonshire May 11th, Kilmanahan 16th May and Ballindenisk 1st June. His dressage scores in 2014 have been an average 33 and never a problem jumping 1 metre tracks. He will be quietly evented in the intermediate section in Riding club events this year and 1 star eventing in 2015. He is a horse for the future, a lovely dressage step, spring jump and stamina for testing cross country tracks.

He has now qualified for the TRI Equestrian Horse Trials Championships taking place at Gurteen College, Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary on Sunday 7th September 2014

Grange Bouncer (ID) Prospect Pride (ID) Pride of Shaunlara (ID)
Mermaid 3 (RID)
Grange Heather 2 (RID) Kilmore Heather (ID)
 Casting Vote (RID)
Not Recorded